One Click Solution

Extend your reach and drive traffic to your social pages by adding social links to your digital card. Choose from many social media platforms — the most of any digital business card provider.

With your one click get connected , whenever and wherever.

People don’t need the app to view your digital business card. Share cards through whatsapp, text, email, QR code or social media.

Easy Share Options

People don’t need the app to view your BBC card. Share cards through text, email, QR code or social media.

Share your BBC cards with people from other countries through a link, which is customized.

Profile Description

Your profile description tells potential clients what you do, who you are, and what makes you special! We make sure to start off strong as the beginning portion of your profile’s description. 

Product Description

Why is having the best product description important? Product descriptions enhance the customer experience by making your site look professional and helping you sell your product. When a potential customer lands on your site and is browsing through your products they may have a few questions.

The best product descriptions build trust with users and make your company look polished and legitimate. Without them, your card could risk looking unfinished and scammy. By writing the best product description for each of the items on your website, your products will sell and upsell themselves and your customers will be able to shop with ease. Product descriptions can also help you stand out from competitors by telling customers what your product has that others don’t! If your product solves a problem for people that no other product can, you are likely to succeed but only if you have the best product description.

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